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"but sometimes when the night is slow the wretched and the meek; we gather up our hearts and go a thousand kisses deep."


river song meme: one relationship [river song/amy pond]

"If you bump into my daughter, tell her to visit her old mum sometime."


Let it matter what we call a thing.
Let it be the exquisite face for at least 16 seconds.
Let me LOOK at you.
Let me look at you in a light that takes years to get here.

I’m actually looking at Saturn right now.

Do you remember when we found those giant hodgeberry bushes on the Cambersons’ estate?  And we thought they’d grown wild, but— It was a long while ago.


when ur otp is destroying you but ur friend just doesn’t ship it


sometimes i remember i was writing a screenplay and then i remember i can’t write plot and no one’s going to air a tv show where the the main characters are queer and their best friend is muslim and there are only like two white people and 99% of the cast is ladies

normaslouise asked: I agree with you 5000% I don't see Lady Macbeth as power hungry (she only wanted what she thought her husband was due) or ruthless (she's all WE GOTTA KILL DUNCAN but everyone after that is all Macbeth tbh). I think people get her wrong a lot like perSONALLY I always saw her as a wife who wanted the best for her husband. Correct me if I'm wrong but she never once said anything about wanting the power of being Queen she really just is like "witches say ur gonna be king thEN U R GONNA BE K I NG"

(cont.) then again i could be totes wrong and maybe I’m biaSED BUT I JUST LOVE LADY MACBETH A LOT ????

Hey! I don’t think you’re wrong at all.  I mean obviously Lady M is a complex character, and literarily open to interpretation, but I personally don’t think Shakespeare ever intended for her to be portrayed as one-dimensionally evil, brutal, or “ruthless,” and I think there’s enough (albeit maybe subtle?) textual evidence to support that.  So.  I’m right there with you!  I’ve never really seen her as “pressuring” Macbeth to kill Duncan — more like bolstering his confidence to help him do something he already wants to do and is capable of doing.  (I mean, it’d be better if she’d encouraged him to like, idk, start a garden, but…)  But he already had the idea and execution in his head before Lady M ever said a word to him about it.  So.  It bothers me when people insisted that she’s the cause of their downfall or even the instigator.  She isn’t.   And I think you’re totally right that a large part of her motivation was because she believed so strongly in her husband, that he would make a good king and that he deserved to be king; she didn’t do it for herself at all, and nope, she never says anything about desiring the crown, power, wealth, any of it.  

Sorry this is basically just repeating what you said lol I just have a lot of Lady M feels. Especially when she is portrayed by Alex Kingston. 

stamatinafeys replied to your post “stamatinafeys replied to your post “is the bonus/fic one matt/alex by…”

i’m just summoned by their names *heart-shaped eyes*

lololol i can see it now i’m standing in front of the mirror one day talking to myself (as i do), and mumble, “man, I wish matt and alex would—” and there’s a POOF OF SMOKE and susie appears "DID SOMEONE SAY MATT AND ALEX" and I would probably stab myself in the eye with mascara

mygalfriday replied to your post “Oh good grief: Lord Smith & Alex from “Torturous Electricity…” (and… Mark & Elizabeth? No, didn’t think so… *sniffles*)”

Hahaha I s2g Kaz when I start writing actual books, I’m even not going to bother getting a publicist. I’m just going to hire you.